Welcome to the Veritas website.  We’re delighted that you wish to become better acquainted with our vision and work.  Veritas is committed to challenging the mind, encouraging the heart, nourishing the soul, and informing the faith with a view toward clearly, accurately, and effectively communicating the Gospel, and both commending and defending the intellectual credibility of Christianity in a postmodern age.  We accomplish these purposes through the two primary divisions of this ministry, 1) Veritas Ministries International  and, 2) the Veritas Institute for the Study of Bioethics and Public Values

There is much to explore and learn through our site.  So please take up a refreshing beverage, lean back, click away, and spend some time to become familiar with us.  And if you would like more information about any of our services or resources, please contact our office listed below.  Again, welcome to the Veritas website—we’re glad that you’re here!  



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