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Church-Sponsored Seminars

“Dr. Evans is one of America’s foremost Christian leaders and issues experts.”     
          D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
          Senior Minister, C
oral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Church-based seminar series form a core activity of Veritas. Each year, between 15 and 20 four-day seminars are held at churches around the world. As a teaching, apologetic, and evangelistic ministry, our aim is to encourage and equip believers to cultivate a comprehensive and faithful Christian worldview, to persuasively reach the skeptic with the Gospel, and to help mobilize the Church to effectively further the cause of Christ. To accomplish these purposes, seminars are designed to engage some of the most pressing ethical questions of our day. In each instance, prevailing cultural arguments and trends are deconstructed and assessed, and the biblical Christian perspective on the issues involved are advanced and defended.

Church-based seminars generally run from Sunday morning through Wednesday evening, with evening sessions usually followed by a time of question and answer. Dr Evans serves as the speaker at each series. Most churches complement their seminar series with a variety of formal and informal events featuring Dr Evans, including television and radio appearances, newspaper interviews, lectureships at local universities, medical schools and seminaries, and discussions with pastors, physicians, scientists, faculty, and legislators. Seminars may be designed to meet the interests and needs of the sponsors.

A typical seminar may look as follows:

Sunday AM  -  The Image of God and the Dignity of Man

Sunday PM  -  Truth or Consequences?: An Assessment of the Prevailing Cultural Worldview

Monday PM  -  Begotten or Made?: The Cultural Stake in Human Cloning

Tuesday PM  -  Death Without Dignity: The Cultural Stake in Physician- Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Wednesday PM  -  Twilight of a Great Civilization?: The Christian Stake in the Future of Medicine and Culture

“One of the world’s greatest minds tackles some of the most thorny issues confronting our culture today. He does so with brilliance, clarity, sensitivity, and good humor. I recommended without reservation both the person and work of Dr. Robert Evans. After hearing him, you will be glad that he is on our side!”
        Ron Carlson, M.A., D.D.
        President, Christian Ministries International

University, Medical School, and Seminary Lectureships

University and medical school lectureships are usually conducted through the Veritas Institute for the Study of Bioethics and Public Values, a subsidiary of Veritas Ministries International. University and medical school lectureships are designed to provide a rigorous academic, philosophical, and ethical assessment of the latest developments in medicine and biotechnology. Emphasis is placed upon an evaluation of the prevailing arguments that have been advanced in support of various medical and biotechnological activities, and offering an intellectually credible response to the same from the vantage point of Christian conviction.

“We asked Dr. Evans to serve as an Honorary Visiting Professor of Medical Ethics because he possesses that rare combination of character and abilities: superior intelligence, interpersonal warmth, Christian graciousness, and highly effective communication skills.”
        Jozef Glaza, M.D., Ph.D.
        Director of Medical Ethics, Post-Graduate Medical School
        Chairman, Central European Council on Medical Ethics
        Bratislava, Slovakia

“A bestseller could be written on Dr. Evans and his ministry alone. His charisma and humor are enchanting. A weeklong conference is not enough to fully absorb the import of all that he has said. Interwoven within the lines of his clearly exposed messages in an immense teaching of the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ. High level, yet accessible. Technically astute, yet conversational. His seminars have changed the way that I view the world and my practice. It is the most beautiful series of lectures I have ever heard. I will never be the same.”

        Oscar A. Linares, M.D.
        Geriatric and Internal Medicine
        Research Scientist in Biomedicine
        University of Michigan

Seminary lectureships are designed to help current and future Christian leaders better understand the complexities of bioethical decision-making and to develop a biblical-theological approach to handling questions of moral and ethical choice confronting society and the Church. Seminary lectureships place emphasis upon an evaluation of the prevailing arguments that have been advanced in support of various medical and biotechnological activities, and offering an intellectually credible and theologically informed response to the same from the vantage point of Christian conviction.

“Thank you for your recent set of lectures here at Dallas Theological Seminary. I was particularly interested in what you had to say given that I am both a nurse and a theology student. You were right on! Clinically sound, biblically grounded, and theologically insightful. What a wonderful ministry you are having both in the Church and around the world. God bless you.”
        Linda Rose Hanik, RN
        Dallas, TX

Conference Speaking

Dr Evans has rapidly become a favorite at Christian conferences, retreats, and camps. The contemporary ethical issues confronting Christianity and culture (most specifically, bioethical issues) are of tremendous interest to people of all ages. And there is no concern that the material will “go over everyone’s head.” Dr Evans renders even the most difficult concepts accessible to the audience by appropriately adjusting his conference messages to the level of those in attendance and speaking in an engaging style marked by warmth, wisdom, and wit.

“I have lived at Hume Lake Christian Camps for over ten years now and I have been privileged to listen to some of the best conference speakers in the world each and every week. But Dr. Evans is far and away the best of the best…clearly the finest speaker I have ever heard. What a challenging, encouraging, and uplifting week!”
        Tim Hoelzel
        Hume Lake Christian Camps

Medical and Scientific Conferences and In-Services

Rapid advancements in medical and biotechnology are confronting societies and their health professions with unprecedented ethical challenges. Dr Evans is frequently invited to present academic papers and in-service training to health professionals and scientists on a wide range of contemporary bioethical issues including, genetic engineering, assisted reproductive technologies, the human genome, human embryonic stem-cell research, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, the moral status of the embryo and fetus, and human cloning, among others.

“When Dr. Evans begins to speak, the room falls silent and the audience is immediately captivated. I have never heard someone communicate so effectively such a tremendous amount of information in such a brief period of time. He is truly a Christian scholar and statesman of world-renowned fame.”
        Frank Longauer, M.D., Ph.D.
        Former Dean, P. J. Safarik University Medical School
        Kosice, Slovakia

“Wow! I have never heard such in-depth discussions of the bioethical issues we face in medicine.”
        Joseph Stokes, M.D.
        Orange Park, FL

Modular Training and Workshops

Pastors, counselors, and Christian leaders are increasingly being called upon to offer support and guidance to those who are wrestling with very difficult medical-ethical choices from infertility and multiple fetal pregnancies, to alternative medicine and organ transplantation. Unfortunately, very few pastors, counselors, or Christian leaders have been trained to handle these issues, and the consequences of uninformed counsel can be devastating. As both theologian and psychologist, Dr Evans is uniquely qualified to offer two-day workshops designed to help pastors, counselors, and Christian leaders effectively lead others through some of the most challenging medical-ethical choices confronting society and the Church today.

“I have heard countless speakers in my lifetime, but I don’t know of anyone I have met in my 51 years who is better suited to do what you are doing. Clear, concise, and convincing. You have been given a wonderful gift to take a subject, break it down into its most fundamental components, explode it, and then rebuild the subject from the vantage point of deep Christian conviction. You really put to rest the tired notion that Christians are low-functioning, uneducated, easily duped fanatics who ‘just don’t get it.’”
        Floyd Hays
        Concord, CA

Promotion and Support

Rapid advancements in medicine and biotechnology, along with the quandaries that attend, are occupying a prominent place both in the news and in daily conversation. The issues of bioethics have quickly come to set societies around the globe in the grips of unprecedented ethical challenges, and the Church is rightly coming to view these issues as lying squarely at the heart of the Christian faith and message. Not only are audiences fascinated by the subject matter, but the seminars offer a unique opportunity to reach relatively unevangelized people (e.g., physicians, scientists, and professionals) with the Gospel. Consequently, when properly promoted, Veritas seminars tend to draw large crowds.

“I was amazed with Dr. Evans’ depth of knowledge, breadth of research, and clearness of thought. And when I heard him speak, I was mesmerized.”
        Pam Angelo
        President, Parents Involved in Education

“In a word…erudite.”
        Robert C. Hamilton, M.D., F.A.A.P.
        President, Los Angeles Pediatric Medical Association
        Santa Monica, CA

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